Not This Monday…

Thank you to everyone who read, supported and encouraged me during the month of October.  It certainly was a challenge to post everyday – for 31 days – in support of Down Syndrome Awareness Month, but totally worth it don’t you think?  We did it!  And bless you dear friends – many of you have also told me how much you will miss our daily posts.  Funny thing is – I think I will miss them too.  So while I can’t promise a daily post, there will be more frequent posts for sure.  After all – I apparently have plenty to say, my kids seem to constantly do plenty of funny things that are picture worthy, and we all know that Henry is going to say something that just has to be shared!

But here we are on Monday and it doesn’t seem right to start out the week without a re-cap of the last week.  So without further ado, here it is for all to see – things that most certainly did not happen around our house.

Of course our house is perfectly calm and organized every morning.  We all sit down to breakfast and enjoy each other’s company…OK, that does not happen at our house.  Oh no, at our house it’s not like Henry is camped out watching Sesame Street while Alex and I get ready.  And I would never allow Charlie to join him for just a minute (the minute part is true) while I ate my breakfast.

Charlie could not believe his good fortune.

Henry was most certainly not focused on his show.  And little brother Charlie was definitely not more interested in his brother.  TV?  What TV?

Which brings us to Halloween.  I would never play down such an important holiday.  No way, not me.  I’m certainly not the kind of mom that would take her kids to their dad’s office in the morning and call it “Trick or Treating.”  Nor would I ever avoid taking them around the neighborhood to gather more goodies.  I’m sure I didn’t try to explain to my three year old that the Harvest Festival at his school the weekend before was the big “celebration” of the season.  Nope, not me.

And to top it off, I would never help myself to my son’s already small Halloween candy stash while he was taking a nap.  Who would do that?  Not me! Of course, had I done such a thing, I would never have left out the evidence (a pile of candy wrappers) beside me on the couch while I dutifully tried to make a dent in our Ti-Vo’ed shows.

Of course I wasn’t caught.  Nope. Which would mean that I never had to have this conversation with the three-year old owner of said candy:

“Mommy, why are there candy wrappers on the couch?”


“Mommy are those wrappers from my candy?”

guilty pause


“Henry, I’m sorry I ate some of your candy.  It certainly looks like I got carried away doesn’t it?”

With a worried look…”Carried away?  Mommy, who carried you away?  Where did you go?”

And then Sunday afternoon after lunch it’s not like Henry was making his case for a piece of candy.

“Mommy, can I please have a piece of candy?  You don’t need to worry about me mommy, I won’t get carried away like you.”


6 thoughts on “Not This Monday…

  1. I’m going to laugh at that caught-stealing-candy conversation all day!

    Secret confession: we empty 60% of Soren’s bucket after he went to bed, taking great care not to take anything he’d really miss. He never noticed, and Peter and I were able to chow out on some of the bounty. We did this purely to save Soren the pain of overindulging in sugar. It had absolutely nothing to do with my deep love for chocolate, Tootsie Rolls and m&m’s. Nope, this was purely a generous gesture on my part.

    We were however, clever enough to hide OUR wrappers. ;-)

  2. Hope you enjoyed your candy! My sister told my niece I was giving out fruit for Halloween – needless to say, she wanted nothing to do with coming to our house.

  3. Seems to be a general problem we all have, getting into our children’s halloween candy… joining you in downplaying the whole bit… trying to avoid sugar and dye doesn’t go along with halloween… i sure missed out on all the chocolate though!

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