Not Me! Monday

31 for 21 Challenge – Day Twenty-Seven


OK, I admit it.  When I sat down to write I was at a loss as to what to include in today’s “Not Me! Monday” post.  I always have plenty to say, but I’ve also been working on a few other projects that have been demanding my time.  So for a person that doesn’t like to feel rushed when writing and can dissect even the smallest posts, the 31 for 21 Challenge has been a challenge.

But a challenge has been good for me.  A bit of writing on the fly.  Sharing simple snapshots into our day.  At first I even worried about the variety of subjects that would result in posting each day.  Would they flow?  What if one wasn’t relevant to the other?  Yikes!  But then I realized that by posting each day our story would only become more ‘real.’  Just like our daily lives.  We often fly by the seat of our pants and often each activity may seem disjointed or unrelated to the next.  But when I sit back at the end of the day, week, or even year, I can see how they were all connected.  Interwoven to make a beautiful story.

We had a busy week – with lots of fun activities.  So busy, that in the last few weeks Alex and I have more or less played tag in the evenings as one of us has had a meeting every night (yes, ‘girls night’ counts as a meeting in my book) and on the weekends we have had evening plans too.

It’s not like we are that busy. Well, at least not so busy that the kids are picking up on our full calendar of events.  Henry most definitely does not consistently ask me this question every afternoon:

“Mom, who is going to baby-sit us tonight?”

On the evenings when we do stay home and I’m making dinner, Henry does not ask “Who is coming over for dinner tonight?”  This part of his personality is nothing like his dad’s.  Though I will admit – I do love it, and I’m thankful that we have plenty of friends who readily join us for dinner (and especially for our regulars, my brother Andy and friend Jaclyn.)

This week we managed to squeeze in some down time as well.  Henry certainly is not proud of the forts that he builds almost daily.

Henry does not get a kick out of inviting Charlie in to play in his new creations.

Charlie obviously does not want to play with his big brother either.

And moms are not allowed in the fort.  Nor are they encouraged to take pictures.  How’s that for a ‘look?’


3 thoughts on “Not Me! Monday

  1. Reply to aunt diana [mom]
    what look mom?
    I never gave you that look, did I?

    In regards to the post:
    How fun! I love the picture of Charlie in the fort. He looks so happy!

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