A Little Artist

31 for 21 Challenge – Day Twenty-Five


‘Artist’ isn’t a word that I would ever use to describe myself.  Drawing.  Painting.  Really anything artistic strikes fear in me.  I think that the artistic gene must have skipped over me.  My brother Jimmy got it.  And so did Henry.

When Henry started Montessori this fall he was taught many ‘lessons’ by his directress.  One of the main philosophies behind Montessori is that each student can choose their own work and Henry was a quick study and had many ‘work’ options under his belt early on.  Once each student has been taught a lesson, then they are free to do that lesson/work as often as they choose throughout the school day.

Hands down, Henry’s favorite work at school has been painting.  Originally it was dot painting, and then our little artist moved on to easel painting.  Every day his cubby is filled to the brim with his masterpieces.

Which also means that we were starting quite a collection of paintings at home.  I’m all for keeping some things for the sake of ‘memories,’ but I’m also not one for clutter.  So what to do with the ever growing pile of art?  What would be a fun way to display it?

All of the sudden I had an idea.  First, Henry and I went on-line and found some stencils.  Then we headed out to the craft store for some frames.  After some tracing, cutting and even gluing (Henry’s favorite part) we had three final pieces.

Here are the finished products:

Come to find out – I might have a little artist in me after all.  We still have a collection of paintings if anyone is interested in a ‘Henry Original.’  And this last week there haven’t been quite as many paintings in his cubby at the end of the day.  They have been replaced with many sheets of paper covered in the letter ‘H.’  Any ideas?


6 thoughts on “A Little Artist

  1. You are amazing Libby! Your stroke of genius has left me with no excuse for the clutter in my home, sigh. We’d treasure a Henry original!

  2. Oh my GOSH! That is an awesome idea. I’ve been waiting for Trevor to paint some animal pictures for me for the boys’ room. He’s been a little slow. I’m going to do this with Carson’s paintings. What a fabulous idea.

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