A Prayer Two Years Ago

31 for 21 Challenge – Day Twenty-Four

A few Sundays ago, we were attending the morning worship service at our church.  It was during a prayer in the middle of the service that my mind started to wander (please tell me that I’m not the only one guilty of this.)  My thoughts went something like this…

“I never wear these corduroy pants.  I like them.  I should wear them more.  I think I’ve only worn them a couple of times to church.  There was that one Sunday almost two years ago when I wore them.  Hmm…

Remember that Sunday?  That was the service when they tried something new (new can often = very scary for Presbyterians.)  Instead of reminding the congregation that there were people that were willing to pray with them after the service, they had them stand at the front of the church during the service, offering prayer.

Remember how I just popped up and headed to the front of the sanctuary?  I can’t believe I did that.  How did I know that I needed to ask for prayer?  Did I even know what I was going to ask for?

Remember that prayer?

I asked for prayer about a baby.  That we were ready for a second child – asking the Lord to bless us with another baby.  To please send us a baby – one that He had picked out just for our family.

Remember how the woman who prayed for me held my hand and we both put our hands on my belly?  I can still remember that warm feeling and the peace that surrounded me.

Only weeks later I was pregnant with my sweet Charlie.

Wow.  I totally forgot about that prayer.  I wonder why the Lord chose today to remind me of that prayer?

Good thing I wore my corduroy pants to church today.”


5 thoughts on “A Prayer Two Years Ago

  1. Libby, our God is working through you in amazing ways. It is exciting to imagine what He has planned for you in the future.
    And yes, my mind has wondered away during prayer too……….hope we see you all soon!

  2. Beautiful post (again!).
    Libby- the 31 for 21 challenge is a success! Not only do I look forward to and enjoy reading your posts each day– you have increased my awareness of, sensitivity to, and informed me about down syndrome and right to life issues.
    Thank you for sharing all of this in the framework of your growing faith in Christ and God’s sovereign purposes working out in your life. It is powerful!

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