Surprised By Disability

31 for 21 Challenge – Day Twenty-One


A great article from Christianity Today that addresses ‘our’ (you, me, and your neighbor’s) reaction and treatment of those living with disabilities.  It compares how today’s society reacts to those that are disabled and how the Lord calls us to act based on Jesus’ ministries.


“The 2000 U.S. Census found that 19.4 percent of the population is affected by physical or intellectual disability.  If you don’t currently know someone with a disability, chances are that you will.

All of us are only temporarily abled. We are only a car accident or stroke away from disability.

Our theology needs to rediscover God’s particular concern for and identification with the disabled. We worship a God who both healed the sick and took on our infirmities as the suffering, crucified Savior.

Jesus’ ministry of healing gives us hope that the blind will see and the deaf will hear. But that’s not all. The scars in Jesus’ hands and side are not erased, but transformed into testimony to the Resurrection. We don’t know for sure in what ways our disabilities will be healed, but we can have confidence that our resurrected bodies will be even more wondrous than if they had never experienced disability at all.

My family was surprised by disability. Surprised by its unexpected nature, but also by the unanticipated blessings… Down syndrome may well be an effect of the Fall, but by God’s grace, it has also become for us a window into the joy of the kingdom of God.”


Thanks to my aunt Diana for sharing this article with me.


One thought on “Surprised By Disability

  1. Libby,
    thank you so much for letting us know about this article. I am posting it tomorrow!

    Just two weeks ago one of my students told me a story about her experience with a Church that refused to let a person she had taken to the service drink from the cup because of her disability. They left the church never to return – there needs to be a culture change within the Christian faith too.

    Thanks for bring this to our attention – now if the Church elders would just get it. We can only pray.

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