Not me! Monday

31 for 21 Challenge – Day Thirteen


This is harder than I originally thought it would be!  Blogging every single day for 31 days in a row is really a challenge.  But I’m sticking with my commitment in support of Down syndrome awareness month.  Sure there have been a few repeats (they were relevant to the awareness part of this month) but they have allowed me to work on a new project that I’m really excited to reveal shortly.  I have also been busy working (and re-working) a post that has been on my heart to share, but I have first been praying for courage and strength, and reminding myself that it doesn’t have to be perfect.  That He will mold my words and use them to speak truth – His truth and not mine.

But today is Monday – which makes it a great day for a  “Not Me! Monday” post.  It was a pretty tame weekend around here, but without further ado, here is what our family did not do this weekend.  (Remember did not, basically means we did, get it?) 

I did not take the boys out for a whirlwind day of adventure on Saturday.  We did not play at our local gymnastics center and I did not break the rules and take Charlie on the trampoline with me.  He did not giggle and laugh the entire time.

After some gymnastics fun – I, Libby – did not take my son Henry through the drive-thru at McDonald’s.  I did not buy him a happy meal for lunch (it was only the second time in his 3 years that I have ever taken him there for lunch – honest) so that he could eat it in the stroller while I went on a walk with my friend Andrea. And I most definitely did not threaten Andrea if she ever told anyone about giving my son said fast-food lunch.

Later that afternoon, after making chocolate chip cookies with Henry’s ‘girlfriend’ Jaclyn, I did not let Henry eat cookie dough for the first time (or second or third.)  Nope, not me. I’m not softening up at all.

That evening at our friends annual lasagna party (with almost 80 of their nearest and dearest) I did not help myself to seconds of Ryan’s famous home-made lasagna.  I most certainly did not eat both a cupcake and chocolate mouse pie for dessert.  And I absolutely did not balk at sharing my dessert stash with my nine-month pregnant friend.  But I definitely did not do all of this while wearing square-toed boots which are apparently circa 2002!  Gasp!  Not me!

And Sunday evening, Alex, my brother Andy, and I were not preparing dinner while engrossed in conversation.  Henry did not walk into the kitchen repeatedly saying: “Excuse me, excuse me, excuse me, EXCUSE ME!”  And our hospitable three year old son most certainly did not say “Excuse me, but can I get anyone a beer?”

Just another weekend where nothing much happened.


8 thoughts on “Not me! Monday

  1. “And our hospitable three year old son most certainly did not say “Excuse me, but can I get anyone a beer?””

    That’s awesome!

    And, if your little guy has only had McDonalds twice in three years, you’re doing way better than me! I’m excited if my kids don’t have it twice in three months!

    Great Not Mes :)

  2. Your boys are Gorgeous! That is so sweet of your little one to offer up the drinks;o) When did square toes go out? I was just getting used to them…

    Found you on Mckmama!

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