Not Me! Monday – Part Two

31 for 21 Challenge – Day Six


Since I’ve made the commitment to blog for 31 days in a row to support Down syndrome (Trisomy 21) awareness month, I thought I would break things up a bit and add a “Not Me! Monday post.  Remember, the premise is to be brutally honest (like that is unusual for me.)  And the key part of the game is that did not, basically means we did, get it?  I know it’s silly – but hey – it’s a great excuse for me to share the latest news from our house (as if I need an excuse.)

So here goes nothing….This is what we did not do this weekend….

While running errands as a family on Saturday, we did not resort to bribing Henry at each stop.

We did not promise a lawn mower ride at Home Depot as a trade-off for some time in the always boring organizational section.

We did not promise Henry a ‘milk treat’ (aka Horizon milk from Starbucks) if he would play the quiet game in the car.

And we most definately did not pull the ‘Santa card.’  In October.  At Costco.  While in the parking lot.  And again, back in the car.

Of course Charlie did not sleep through all of this.  Nope, not him – that Charlie – he can be such a handful!

Which reminds me of the conversation that did not occur on the way home from said morning of errand running horror.

“Henry, remember Santa is watching you and he wants you to be a good boy.  He wants you to use your manners.  To not talk back.  To be a good listener.  And then, if you do all of those things he will bring you a toy at Christmas.”  (I swear I did not say this to my three year-old son.  On the first Saturday of October.  Clearly I was not at the end of my rope.)

“Mom, how will Santa know which toy I want?  Will you just call him on the phone?”

“Henry, you could write him a letter,” Alex piped in.

“We can write him or call him.  Whichever you decide” I tell Henry.

“OK.  I’ll be a good listener.  I really want that (496 piece!?) marble toy.”

“Thank you Henry.  Remember, Santa is always watching.  He wants you to be a good boy and if you are, then he will get you that toy (or more than likely something else that has fewer pieces.)

A blissful moment of silence.

“You know mom, it’s not Santa that I’m worried about.  It’s Jesus that matters.”

Obviously I do not have a three year-old son that is smarter than his mom.  Nope, not one bit.


6 thoughts on “Not Me! Monday – Part Two

  1. I LOVED your NOT me post!

    I so did NOT pull the Santa card this very weekend either, and I so did not hear from my 4 year old, Lucy….

    “I want to call Santa MYSELF…what’s his number?” (in the sassiest tone you have ever heard!

    Nope, I didn’t do that either!!!

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