Mailbox Guilt and Other Confessions

31 for 21 Challenge – Day Three


This afternoon I spent those sacred two hours of nap time digging through a pile of mail that had taken over our kitchen counter.  I separated out the bills, catalogs, junk mail and magazines.  The junk went into the recycling bin, Alex’s mail on the kitchen counter in “his spot” and the magazines and catalogs on the coffee table.  I then diligently went back into our office and paid the bills.

After checking my e-mail (I swear I am making some headway in my responses), I dutifully went back into the family room and picked up the catalogs.  I carefully looked through each one.  Then it occurred to me.  Was I looking for a new couch?  Nope.  A coffee maker?  New bedding for the boy’s rooms?  Then why was I pouring through these catalogs?  Why is it that I feel the need – the duty – to flip through each catalog I receive?  Why do I read every article (even the letters to the editor, and the editor’s letter!) in every magazine I receive?

So today I officially decided that I will no longer waste my precious time during naps looking through catalogs.  Starting now I will only read the articles in magazines that appeal to me.  And I will do all of this with no guilt.  Whew!  This feels good – you may just want to try it for yourself!


Confession:  I never made banana bread with Henry on Monday.

I know.  We did however, make some great homemade soup.  Butternut squash soup with cider cream.  It was so yummy!  Henry helped me with all of the preparation, and even learned to peel a carrot.

“Mommy what is this?”  Henry asked as he held up a carrot.

“That’s a carrot Henry.”

“But it’s so big!”  And he literally dissolved into laughter.  How could a carrot be so big?  It took me a moment and then I realized that Henry had never seen a ‘real’ carrot before.  Until Monday he thought carrots were tiny orange vegetables that came from a plastic bag.  Yikes!  There is an entire generation of kids that probably don’t know what a ‘real’ carrot looks like.  Thank goodness we decided to make soup and not banana bread.

Today- I promise – we are going to make banana bread.  Just as soon as the boys are up from their naps.


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