Striking a Chord…

A funny thing has happened.  Sharing our story has had an impact and it has struck a chord with others.  And the best part?  Even though I’m the “author” I feel as thought it has nothing to do with me.

Yes, I had a clear purpose when I started (just two months ago, can you believe it!?)  To journal our family’s experiences.  To share our life – all of the big and little parts.  To confirm that life is good.

There were things that I knew that I was called to share.  I knew it was important to tell you that Charlie didn’t “slip through the cracks.”  That we knew there was a very real chance he could have Down syndrome before he was born.  And yet today we choose to focus on the fact that he is our beautiful son which is way more important than any diagnosis.

Other moments are not quite as “important” but often it seems as though it is the little daily moments that make up a good life.

But most importantly we wanted to share all of our blessings – starting with Charlie’s story – all to glorify Him.  Sounds simple enough right?

Sort of….

You have shared with me that reading our story has been helpful in understanding where we stand as a family since Charlie’s birth.  You have found out how we are really doing.  No tip-toeing around the tough issues.  Here it is – all laid out for the world (literally) to see.  You have said that it has served as a reference on how to respond to our situation or others like it.  And best of all it has shown you Charlie just as he is.

Amazing things begin to happen when you open up and start to be honest.  You discover that others are anxious to do the same.  And I am so honored to be a part of each of your stories.  Thank you.

I find it exciting that we are interweaving our stories together.  We are all broken.  Each one of us.  We all have our struggles.  It just so happens that our family has had a very “obvious” life-changing event recently.  As believers we are supposed to share in fellowship.  And yes, I think that fellowship can even take place online.  I know that the Lord delights in us sharing our joys and sorrows.  I don’t want to take this lightly and I don’t want anything to get lost in translation.

I also don’t want this to come across as a “Christians only” blog.  It’s not.  Sure, I believe in Jesus, but I know that not everyone that reads our story is a believer.  And I want to balance that, while giving Him all the glory he deserves.

This blog has also become a journal of our family’s daily life.  As the storyteller and as the scribe, I feel honored to have these roles.  I hope to continue sharing our family stories in a very real and authentic way.  And I want to respect you by including entries that are worthy of your time.

So lets really get to the point.  I first and foremost want to continue to honor the Lord with this project.  I know that He has big plans for our family and for each one of you.  He is using our story in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine.  And yet it has been weighing on my heart that the Lord wants me to begin addressing some tough issues.  He wants to continue to use our family.  He is prompting me to discuss topics that aren’t “popular,” but are so important to Him.  He has reminded me not to censor my writing – that His is the only opinion that matters ultimately.

So can I ask you something?  (And this may sound very silly.)  Would you pray for me?  Pray for guidance on where this is supposed to take me (and all of us.)

While this may sound a bit like a “blog identity crisis” I assure you it’s not.  I want to strike a balance.  One that allows me to continue featuring our family’s journey – our extraordinary ordinary life – while also honoring the purpose the Lord has for me.  Are you with me?  I can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “Striking a Chord…

  1. I have wrestled with this exact feeling since I started my ‘secret’ blog six months ago. I am praying for you to have courage to share whatever is on your heart.

  2. I understand where you’re coming from and think you should share what’s in your heart. Just a word of caution – be mindful of how things can be interpreted on the Internet. You have a unique ability to articulate yourself with grace and intelligence – so, I have no doubt you’ll be just fine. Let it roll! (off your tongue that is!)

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