Not Me! Monday…

I’m trying something new tonight.  It’s a game that sounded like a fun way to wrap up the weekend and kick-off the new week.  The premise is to be brutally honest (like that is unusual for me,) and maybe even learn something new along the way.  You can read more about MckMama, the brains behind Not Me! Monday at My Charming Kids.

So here goes nothing….This is what we did not do this weekend….

Today is not the third day I have gone without washing my hair.  And I did not use a product called Pssssst in my hair this morning to make it look like I washed my hair.  No way, not me.

I did not take my son Henry shopping for new fall clothes this afternoon.  And he did not announce to the cashier “I have know idea why we are even here, I don’t need any new clothes.”  Not Henry.

And before dinner I did not take Charlie on his first wagon ride….

Alex and I did not try out Henry’s new scooter

And I did not try to race Henry on his bike (see Henry in the background on his trike.)

Obviously we were not having any fun.  And Charlie did not think we were crazy!  Nope, not us.

And I did not break my rule of no editing tonight.  Nope.

Whew!  That did feel good!  Enough about me, what did you not do this weekend?


5 thoughts on “Not Me! Monday…

  1. This is fantasic! I did not go away to the culinary institute of America for a cooking boot camp with my girl friends while Daddy stayed home with Nathan! Nope – I didn’t.

    I think I’ll try this out on our site!!!

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