Charlie’s Going National

Did you know that October is National Down Syndrome Awareness month?  I didn’t know that until Charlie was born and I’m going to guess that you didn’t either.  Yes, I do realize that it is still September and October is a few weeks away, but in the magazine world their cycle is about one month ahead.

Parenting Magazine and BabyTalk – are both national parenting magazines that consistently promote and raise awareness about Down syndrome in their October issues.  I wanted to share this with you because they are the only national parenting magazines that recognize our children who have Down syndrome.  In fact, last year BabyTalk had a baby with Down syndrome featured on the October cover.  I can assure you that until Trig Palin, not many publications had the courage to feature a baby that may look a little bit different and I think Parenting and BabyTalk should be applauded.

As part of Down syndrome awareness month, BabyTalk is currently promoting an online photo album of babies and toddlers with Down syndrome.  I can’t get enough photos of the cuties shown.  And our little Charlie was one of the babies featured! I highly recommend checking out some of the photos and various albums – what beautiful babies and proud families!

Also included in the October issue in Parenting Magazine is an article featuring a family and their four-month old daughter who has Down syndrome.  I think it is another great story of how a family although initially shocked – has turned the corner and can’t imagine life without their darling baby daughter.

When it is really October (not just in the magazine world) I’m planning on running a few new posts similar to the “Learning a Little about Down syndrome” that I posted when I first started this blog (as well as the “Part Two.” )  There is lots of exciting new research (yes, research) on Down syndrome, and I also wanted to do a post on some of the features/characteristics and medical conditions that are sometimes common in those with Down syndrome.  There is much more to Down syndrome than that obvious distinct facial features and I would love to have those that love our little guy, know more about the things that make him unique.


6 thoughts on “Charlie’s Going National

  1. What a little doll Charlie is! We were so glad to finally meet your family at Matthew’s birthday party. Thank you for the continuing education you provide!

  2. I received my October issue of Parenting magazine yesterday and was disappointed to see that the article was not in the magazine and is only being posted online. Hopefully next October they can have an article in the actual magazine and maybe even have one of our cuties on the cover!

  3. How fantastic. Vehicles like those magazines – and your blog! – actually can have a terrific impact at demystifying what a Down syndrome kid looks like, acts like…

    You haven’t been sugar coating anything but you’ve done a great job at showing that being a parent of a “special needs” child, is first and foremost about being a parent, with the mother’s love and joy in her child’s life.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Sharon – I received my issue of Baby Talk last week and was excited to see that the article that was shown on Parenting online, was printed in the October issue of Baby Talk.

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