Discovering pink, and a few loose screws

Sunday we had one of those great family days.  We ate breakfast together and we went to church together.  We went out to the golf course and “golfed” as a family (aka Henry and Alex hit at the driving range, and putting greens while Charlie and I manned the golf cart.)  We had lunch at the course, and we all took an afternoon nap at the same time.  It was perfect.

Sunday was also a big day for Henry.  He correctly identified and named a color.  At this point we were honestly worried that Henry was color blind.  He picks up on things so quickly and it was strange that colors were so hard to grasp.  Yesterday that problem was solved.  At least for one color.

“Dad, watch me hit this pink golf ball!”

Alex and I looked at each other, shocked.  Did our son just correctly identify a color?  And was that color pink?!

The rest of the day Henry continued to point out all things pink.  Alex couldn’t help but find it funny that all of the sudden our son’s favorite new color was pink.  And today it has been all about pink…maybe tomorrow will be all about yellow, or violet….


If this next story wasn’t so funny I wouldn’t share it, because it may cause you to question our parenting (OK, probably just mine)…

This morning Alex was up early and was headed to the gym.  He was walking out the door at 5:50 a.m. when Henry came running down the hall.  Alex tucked him back into bed with a drink and headed out.  I was peacefully sleeping and completely unaware that any of this was going on.

Alex came home around 6:45 and found Henry in his room with his door open.  He said that Henry was acting funny and was holding a screwdriver.  Not his pretend screwdriver, but one of Alex’s – from his toolbox in the garage.  And next to him was a plastic ziploc bag full of screws.

“Henry where did you get these screws?’

“From my door.”

Alex looked at the door to Henry’s room.  Henry had unscrewed each screw that held the hinges to the door – all but the three screws at the very top.

Yes, our three year old had not only gone into the garage by himself, but he opened up Alex’s tool box, selected a screwdriver and proceeded to unscrew six of the nine screws holding up his bedroom door.  Oh yeah – and he carefully sealed them up in a ziploc bag – you know, so that he wouldn’t loose any.

All while his mom was blissfully asleep down the hall…


7 thoughts on “Discovering pink, and a few loose screws

  1. Libs, that is the funniest story ever. I can see both of my boys doing that same thing – just because. Thank goodness he was not tall enough or had not dragged a chair over to get those (YET).

  2. You know, that is one of those parenting moments that might cause SOMEONE WITHOUT CHILDREN to question your parenting skills. The rest of us, we just nod along knowing that our kids have done something similar while we were blissfully unaware. ;-)

    Pretty impressive though dismantling the door screws like that though!

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