Deep Thoughts…From Henry

Still with me?  I know that the last few posts were a bit heavy, but from the beginning I have felt that it is important to include all the pieces of our story – even the parts that would often be easier to gloss over or pretend that they didn’t happen.

But it’s almost Friday, so let’s try to lighten things up a bit with a few “Henry stories.”  (There are always plenty to share…)


Last week while driving to school – for Henry’s third day of Montessori – Henry and I were talking about school.  His likes and dislikes.  (I do have to point out that if he was telling the story he would say that we were having a conversation.)

“Mom, some kids in my class cry.  I don’t like it because it disrupts me when I’m trying to do my work.”

Trying not to laugh…”Henry, some kids are sad when they have to say good-bye to their mommy and daddy, and so they might cry.”


“Well they come back you know.”

Wouldn’t it be great to know everything and have such great confidence?  And at the ripe old age of three none the less.


We aren’t even one week into school yet, but I can see some of the Montessori principles showing up in some of Henry’s day to day actions.  One of those principles is picking up after yourself.  Making sure that the area/toy/project you used is clean and ready for the next person.  I can’t wait for this principle to really set in.  Can you imagine – a three year old that actually picks up after himself?

This afternoon we were taking a break.  Charlie was playing on the floor, I was flipping through a magazine and Henry was watching Curious George while having a snack.  Apple slices, crackers and cheese.

Henry was lying on the floor resting on a pillow and eating – his eyes glued to George.  (Hey, I’m obviously not going for the “Mom of the Year” title here – I’m just trying to tell a story.)

“Oops.  I better clean all of these cracker crumbs off my pillow.”  As he said this he was vigorously sweeping all of the crumbs off of the pillow and onto the carpet.

“Henry what are you doing!”  (I’m trying my best to sound concerned – after all, I try to only vacuum once a week at the most, and had already done that chore the day before.)

“I have to clean off my pillow and make sure that it’s clean and ready for the next crumbs.”

Sure that makes sense.

Does this count as progress in the right direction?  I’ll let you know when Henry starts to really clean things up….


*And yes, my three year old son really does talk like this.  When I write I’m not correcting his grammar, or choice of words.  He is truly a 30 year old man stuck in a three year old’s body.


4 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts…From Henry

  1. So cute!! I can’t wait for a time when Christian will start talking and telling me stories. Then again, maybe I’d better be careful in what I wish for!!!! He may never stop talking.

  2. Soren’s in Montessori too. I keep thinking that I might drop in on the school a few days a week to see if I can get myself programmed to pick up after myself!

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