First Day of School

Today was Henry’s first day of Montessori!  He was quite proud to wear his new backpack (never mind that it was empty) and head off for his first day.  Sniff, sniff.

Before we hopped into the car this morning I took a few “obligatory” first day of school photos….

Once we were at the school I had to laugh.  There were parents with video cameras capturing every second of the “big day” and there were parents taking photos as their children walked into the classroom….and through the windows….and through the doors.  One day Henry will thank me for just taking a few photos in front of the house and calling it good.

At school we said our good-bye’s, gave just one last “kiss and a hug” and Henry confidently walked into his new classroom.  Charlie and I walked back to the car and headed to Starbucks for a peaceful break.  We even made a quick stop at the grocery store.  Wow!  I had forgotten how easy it is to only have one kid with me when running errands.  Charlie even sat in the grocery cart for the first time and I think he liked it!

But needless to say Henry spiced things up the moment we picked him up from his classroom.  He made a mad dash down the hallway declaring that he “needed to have some recess” as he ran outside.  The funniest part about that comment is that school was only one hour today.  We’re slowly working our way up to three and half hours each day.  Let’s hope there is some recess thrown somewhere in there for good measure!

On a completely different note…I have received many questions about how to subscribe to our blog.  After much research, I have found what I think will be the easiest way for you to find out when there are up-dates to the blog.  Take a look at the upper right column (right above the “Recent Posts”) and you will see a link that reads “Subscribe to this blog.”  Click on it and enter in your e-mail address.  Now you will recieve an e-mail letting you know when there are any up-dates.  Whew!


5 thoughts on “First Day of School

  1. Could Charlie look any prouder sitting in the shopping cart?? How absolutely ADORABLE!!!! Glad to hear the first day went well for both you and Henry.
    Happy (belated) Birthday to Charlie!!! What a delightful little boy.

  2. I thought the same thing when Declan and I headed to the store while Carson was in school. Man this is easy! Charlie looks like he loves the shopping cart. Carson’s favorite part of school seems to be snack time!!

  3. I love the he wanted recess so much after a trying one hour school day! These kids are hilarious.

    And seriously, could Charlie possibly be any cuter in that shopping cart. Do you think he’d let me borrow those tights?

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